Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Weeks Happenings + Photo Spams (your all in for a long read)

Two weeks have passed since my last post... BLASPHEMY!!!

Alot has happened in those two weeks. i shall start with some Letter Hauls i was supposed to post ages ago!
I will begin with something i know you guy will roll your eyes at.
Kony 2012.
Now now, stop raging, let me explain!!
yes, i was one of the many who was caught up in the hype, but unlike most others, my motives were a bit less.... um...."honorable"? I love to be a ninja type, going to rallys, running around city scapes, doing awesome urban crazy things, so with the "cover the night" event, i thought it would be a fantastic idea to get friends together and go on a roadtrip flinging around posters and having a blast all the way. for me it's a romantic thought, and i think it comes from my love of apocalyptic worlds ^.^
so what does this have to do with a letter haul?
I ordered all my gear on there site, and told them to send it to my PO BOX, as the post offices do not send mail out to my area i had listed as residence on paypal. yep, "sure" they said.
4 months after my order, AND the event, i still had gotten nothing. so i told them and they gave me a full refund. funnily enough, a week and a half after that, my mother went to kirup servo, and it seemed that a package for me had luckily been redirected there. so it got home to me and i opened it........dun dun duuuuuuun, it was the kony package!.....the fuck? SERIOUSLY!?? ugh
Le package

Customs, y u hate on my package!?!?



seriously THE most comfiest shirt!

Posters @_@
so now i have around 60 posters i need to find something to do with (i might make some original paint overs and do a "PONY 2012" tehe ;) )
and the shirt is actually seriously comfy! it's my new bed shirt, you would have seen me wearing it in my Red and black week day 4 post ;D
In conclusion; Kony 2012, go eat "man pie". free shit, come hither.

Now onto my next package, which is seriously more fun and exciting!
Ive just started out on Uncle Festers Apothecary Club and i am SOOO SO happy with it.
My magical self is tingling! ;D
(also, please visit Uncle festers and buy some of there amazing things! they are in some money struggles at the moment, but they are a fantastic site with so much gorgeous items, i really don't want to see them go! if you see anything you like, please, feel free to SPLURGE! ;D )
I was so super excited to be holding this!!


The three jars

The folder...and BUBBLE WRAP!!!

She chose one with a, she knows me well ;D

A courage blend, how adorable! and a cute vine covered pentagram phone charm, which is now happily swinging off my phone ;D

Folder contents: Uses, magical medical and others :)

DAMIANA!!!! Dani and I LOVE this stuff! 

Cascara Bark!

Witch Hazel!
why are the photos so bright??
......because i CAN! muahah ;) my next package should be coming really soon!
(if you guys have any questions, info wise or just curious, please feel free to ask! i was going to do a big write up for this, but i don't want to make this already big post bigger ;) )

And some other amazing letters i received this week passed!
Thats right! IM SEEING HER LIVE!

So cute!! Hens night invites :D

love wax seals!

Love letter from my annie :3

OMG she always sends me scratch and sniff stickers!! <3

special annie letter heads XD

:3 <3
 So thats all my letter spam!

On friday last week it was danis 18th, it was awesome! green EVERYWHERE!
Lots of drinking, and playing spin the bottle........and somehow, all people wanted me to keep doing was flashing my boobs, HEHE!! *le blush* DAMN YOU ALCOHOL!

so that was friday night......saturday morning we were ment to head up to supanova, but .....well.....
My poor Mario mobile :'(
THIS happened :/
Dont worry! we were all ok, but my one and only car was dead :(
good news was, we got to go on sunday instead!!

Shannon dani and I on the Train ;D

Awesome XD

these guys were super awesome!

Advertisement? i think no-...... well, ok maybe a little

:O <3

awesome Loki and Thor girls we met on the train home that night!
My goodies Haul from the day! OMG MUSTACHE PLUSHIE!!!
so much amazing things went on!! we didnt get a chance to see any of the stars, but in the end we were really happy and had our fill of geekiness ;)
so an awesome weekend that had me stay at danis for a day or two actually turned into about 4-5 because of my dead car ;D SUPER SLEEP OVER!
We ended up doing a collab video during the week ;3

I hope you all enjoy our accents ;D
I will leave it at that so your heads do not explode from my mass post haha ;3
Love you guys! hope your week has been SPANK-TACULAR!!

~Vavabeeb <3

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Red and Black Week Day 5 + Day 6

Unfortunately, I've been having a lot of "Blue screen of Doom" moments on my computer, and it happened on day 5 just as i was posting :( so! after some more dramas and goings on, I've reached the computer, and i will put together the two days for you :3 <3

And not only that, but for the last 4 days Western Australia (mostly the south west) where i live, has been pelted by massive storm winds, up to about, as much as i wanted to get everything in on time, i simply couldn't, we have been without power, reception, gas and water for 4 and a half days, so if simply wasn't possible :( and being in a rural apple orchid area, we need power to pump our water, and being surrounded by old trees and a highway out the front, it's been terribly dangerous :/ but the worst is over for now, and power is restored, which im super happy about!!! :D *

For day 5 i put up a selection of photos i've done for my local bellydance group. these ones are of my great friends/ neighbor/ journalist/ writer/ just all round AMAZING person, Nina Smith :D

And here is Day 6!! which is a collaboration of some of my favorite photos with friends, involving red and black :D ( seems to be all i wear, haha!)

Medieval Carnivale 2011 ;D

Lolly & Vee <3

Burlesque - love it ;D

Mr metal ;D
Hur hur, i pull some of the craziest faces....and i dont care how gawd awful they look hehe ;)

Vava & Tiff! <3

dani and vava first meet :3

Bewbs in face? awwweee yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhh
yay! car ride with milli! <3

At soundwave! <3

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

supanova 2011 omg HEARTLESS! <3
Photobooths - i love them :3

my wifeys <3


my honey bear <3
a little bit of atmosphere ;)

Gaga-esque haha ;D

I hope everyone enjoyed red and black week, i know i sure did! but just because its over, doesnt mean you should stop wearing these fabulous colors!! :D
much love, and if you have any questions to ask or comments, please feel free!
Loves and Kisses
Vavabeeb ~<3